The Longacres chess team is on fire! The initial team that played were Danielle Meintjies U/8, Katja Groenewald U/8,
Daniel Lu U/10, Ethan Abrahams U/12, Ewan Coetzee U/12, Jordan Fillis U/13 and Jarred Fillis U/13.

They started their chess journey from the 1st round played at Vredenburg, Highschool Louwville, 2nd round at Malmesbury, Swartland Primary. For the second leg they played at Lutzville, and for the final round at Porterville on the 6th of April.

It was Ethan’s first tournament and he persevered up to the second round at Swartland Primary. Ewan Coetzee also played
marvelous on his first tournament and got through to the final round at Porterville. He also unfortunately did not make the team.

Danielle had unexpected events and could not carry on with the tournament. Jordan Fillis was the U/13 champion and came first.

Katja Groenewald, had earn a 5th place. Jared Fillis and Daniel Lu had made the team for next level. Well done to all our chess players!

You made us proud here at Longacres Private School.